A new blog, a new blog management system

Posted on October 27, 2016

Today I'm starting a new blog. I started a few blogs in the past. Personal blogs, where I talked about a lot of things. This blog is very different, here's why:

Oh and by the way, there is no Wordpress here. The blog you are reading is fully statically generated, which means that somewhere on the Internet, the service hosting this blog contains all HTML files (and other resources). So no PHP, no Node.js, no Ruby… But in return, a very fast website.

And although you can find a few very good static blog generators (Jekyll is probably the most famous one), I was very excited about developing my own, because I wanted something very minimalistic. So I created Miblog. It's fully free and open source of course, so feel free to use it, work on it, adapt it to your own needs, or maybe just tell me why you find it awesome/awful !

Thanks for reading this great article, now it's time for me to start writing real articles for this blog. See you soon!

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