I give talks in meetups and conferences about what I know the best: frontend development.

Upcoming talks

Server Components: Don’t Miss the Next Revolution in React

📍 2024 · 🗓️ February 21th, 2024

A new revolution is happening in React with Server Components. We can move some rendering logic on the server, enabling new patterns and redefining how we write powerful front-end for our applications. We'll explore use cases in which Server Components improve performance and maintainability, so that by the end of the talk, you’ll be ready to use Server Components to take your React experience to the next level.

Past talks

Server Components: A Paradigm Shift in React Learning

📍 React Montreal · 🗓️ July 20th, 2023 · 🎞️ Slides · ⚙️ Source

Server Components are not only an exciting new feature of React; they also offer a much easier way for beginners to learn it. In this talk, I will give an intro to Server Components, then present some nice use cases. Finally, I’ll propose a new learning path to React based on server components, where we would focus on the server first and then gradually explore client features.

What’s new in Frontend in 2023?

📍 Montreal JUG · 🗓️ March 29th, 2023 · 🎞️ Slides · 📺 Video

Have you heard of incremental site generation? Did you know that serverless can bring a lot to your frontend, or that you can write React components that will be rendered only on the server? Staying up-to-date with frontend trends isn’t easy, especially if you consider yourself a backend developer. Let me show you in 15 minutes what’s hot in the frontend ecosystem. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to try it?

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