Sebastien Castiel


I always have ongoing side projects. I build some of them to learn a new language or stack, and others with the hope that I can monetize them.

GitHub Business Card

2022 · Next.js · React · TypeScript

GitHub Business Card is a fun app generating —as an image— some sort of business card from your GitHub profile. It was an experiment of generating images with Vercel’s OG library.

And it went crazy on HackerNews 😱

Montreal Developer Jobs

2022 · Next.js · React · TypeScript

Montreal Developer Jobs is a niche job board for developers in Montreal. 🇨🇦

👨🏻‍💻 Until companies come to post their job ads, I manually go to several company websites to get and repost them. 😅

📝 I’m putting a lot of energy into SEO, and create blog posts about the Montreal developers' ecosystem.


2022 · Go

Spliit is an alternative to Splitwise. Use it to share expenses with friends and family, without creating any account.

I built this app while I was learning Go.

2022 · Next.js · React · TypeScript

1link is an alternative to Linktree for independent authors, where they can showcase their books on a page with the colors and style they want.

I sold this project in 2022.


2022 · Go · Fyne

Gordle is a clone of the famous Wordle game. I created it when I was learning Go.

My Side Project Rocks

2021 · Node.js

My Side Project Rocks is a place where developers can post their side projects, gain some visibility and get early feedback.

3D Book

2020 · React · TypeScript · CSS

3D Book offers an easy way for authors to embed a 3D version of their book cover. It’s kind of a hosted version of this library I created when writing this turtorial.

I sold this project in 2022.

2020 · Next.js · React is an interactive course to master React hooks. It contains 15 lessons, each one dedicated to one hook or to one problem that often occurs with hooks.

The course’s content is also available as a book, on Gumroad and Amazon.