Freelance Web Developer

With 13 years of frontend development experience, including 8 years with React, I can assist your team in adding new features, boosting frontend skills, and refining development methods. Let’s collaborate to create exceptional user experiences and achieve your development goals.


What I can help with

Offer guidance when starting a new frontend project

Starting a new project is not easy, and you may have to make some choices that will impact your project for the next few years: choosing a tech stack, architecting your application, etc.

I started many applications in the past (on my own or when working for/with companies) and can help you avoid some mistakes when bootstraping your application!

Mentor junior or mid-level developers

It’s not uncommon to start a project with junior developers. They are able to iterate quickly and to keep learning on your own tech stack. But it can also lead to accumulating technical debt fairly quickly…

Don’t wait until it’s too late: I can help your team set up code quality practices, organization processes, and contribute to making your application future-proof!

Implement new features on your application

Coding remains what I love the most. If you or your team doesn’t have enough frontend skills (or enough time), I can help by implementing features for you.

It would start with agreeing on the requirements, and I work through iteration, i.e. by delivering something as fast as possible so I can get early feedback and adjust what is necessary.

Train your team by teaching React, Next.js, TypeScript…

Do you want your team to gain extra coding skills? I regularly teach frontend development at a bootcamp in Montreal, and I give my own React & Next.js trainings.

Tell me what you’d like your team to learn, and we’ll work together to set up the ideal learning plan!

Contact me

The best way to reach me is by text message, via WhatsApp or Telegram, but you can also send me an email if you prefer.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know more about you?

This website is the best place to find information about me, including links to my social media accounts, and the blog posts and books I wrote.

How much do you charge?

Each project is different, and I adjust my pricing depending on several factors: how big the project is, how much risk it involves (in term of possible unknowns), etc. For some projects it is more relevant to work with a fixed price, while for some others I will prefer charging by the hour of work. Tell me more about your needs and we’ll find the best way to work together!

What is the next step?

Let’s have a quick call so I can know more about your needs, and you can ask any questions you have about me!

Contact me

The best way to reach me is by text message, via WhatsApp or Telegram, but you can also send me an email if you prefer.