Pull Requests and Code Review: Best Practices for Developers, from Junior to Team Lead

Published in 2023

In this new book, I pour out all the secrets I’ve learned from many years of writing and reviewing code. I’ve been where you are, and I know both the challenges and rewards that come with collaborating on code.

I've packed this book with the same easy-to-follow advice I give to developers every day. It’s like a friendly chat where I guide you through creating great pull requests and how to work together during code reviews to make your code even better.

I've made sure this book is a handy tool. It’s not just filled with tips; it's your go-to guide to get better at working with others in writing top-notch code. Every page is your step closer to being that team member everyone looks forward to working with on code reviews!

They liked the book

“It is a joy to read and it is packed with a lot of useful information. I was already following some of the proposed methods and I will definitely integrate others. I already shared this with my mentee and she gained a lot of knowledge.” – J-M Plourde

“Thank you for putting together this book. It was great to find a resource that communicates some of the best practices for PRs that I have picked up along the way, as well as some I had not considered or had not been able to articulate clearly.” – Kelly Walker

“Definitely helping structure how I can share knowledge.” – Stephane Paul

“Love the book! Clear, direct, and helpful!” – John Borsi

Who is the book for?

This guide is tailored for developers at all levels. Junior developers will find it a handy guide, filled with practical steps to navigate the world of pull requests and code reviews effectively. It's not just a learning tool but a companion that turns challenges into stepping stones for professional growth.

For the seasoned developers, tech leads, and managers, this book is a reservoir of insights to refine collaboration and introduce exemplary practices within teams. It's crafted to be a resource that transcends typical guides, acting as a catalyst for enhancing code quality and teamwork, turning every review into an opportunity for collective growth and learning.


  1. Create your PR before the code is ready for review
  2. Make people want to review your PR
  3. Be your PR’s first reviewer
  4. Assign the right reviewers to your PR
  5. Be responsive to comments
  6. If you want people to review your PRs, you have to review theirs
  7. You can review code even if you are a junior developer
  8. Check the right things during code review
  9. Use the right tone in your comments
  10. Be clear about whether a change is required for you to approve the PR or not
  11. Review your review before submitting it
  12. Approve the PR when the submitter made all the changes you asked
  13. Some conflicts can’t be solved in comments

Hi, I’m Sebastien Castiel 👋

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